What to do if you suspect a regulator failure

There is no need to panic. Regulator failures affect a small minority but it’s important to know how to deal with it just in case you’re unfortunate to be in the 3% affected in the UK.

Firstly, ensure your gas bottle is not just empty. This may sound like a straight forward step but it’s easily overlooked. Also, if you’re using butane in cold conditions you should switch to propane as it is much more reliable at lower temperatures. You shouldn’t need to change your regulator for this but you will probably need a different hose connection.

It’s also good to look for signs that could indicate a problem. Try lighting each burner and see if the flames stay strong and clean, if they die back there is probably a problem with the gas supply.

If you are having problems or you’re certain it’s a blockage you should turn off the gas at the cylinder and seek an approved engineer.

The bulkhead regulator forms part of the rigid gas system and as such should only be changed by a suitably qualified LPG engineer, as the system must be pressure tested after fitting.

With the bulkhead regulator system the only part allowed by regulation to be changed by the owner is the pigtail.

Stay safe

Although this problem is more of an inconvenience than a real danger, care should always be taken when dealing with gas equipment. It’s better to be safe and contact a professional than try to deal with a problem by yourself.