Your list of reasons is as personal as your choice of caravan or the places you travel to. You love sport and like to watch ‘your’ team. You don’t need to stay at home every weekend to be able to show your support and cheer them on. Weathermen do sometimes get it wrong! You’re promised good weather for your break but it takes a turn for the worse. All you need is to be able to hunker down in the comfort of your caravan.

You want to see the final episode of that drama series you have been following for weeks. You love the great outdoors but you also love to come back to the warmth of your caravan, a nice cuppa and a bit of ‘tele’ before you turn in. You want to keep your ‘other half’ happy!

So now we have put that to bed and decided that watching TV is OK when you go away in your caravan here are some reasons for choosing a Satellite System from Satgear.

Aerials offer limited reception especially when you are out in the ‘sticks’ or pitched in a valley. Many Satgear customers go to Satgear out of sheer frustration with their TV reception from their aerial. With satellite reception, you have crystal clear vision wherever you are and it’s quick and easy to set up using Easyfind.

Satgear Premium kits include EasyFind; no Satfinder is needed making it simple to set up. Famously, Satgear kits are designed to pair specifically with Avtex TV’s and come with full instructions on how to do so. They also have kits which work with any TV for a fraction of the price of a fully fitted, automated system leaving you with extra to spend on that special trip that you’ve been waiting for!

Take a look at the Satgear website and visit the kit guide that we’ve put together to help you to find the kit that’s right for you.

You can also call Satgear on 01428 404401. You’ll find us to be a friendly bunch and happy to help.