Being outdoors is wonderful but in spring the weather can still be a little unpredictable. Now is the time to make sure that whatever your TV watching requirements you will be up to speed. Then when the evenings are a little ‘chilly’ or you get caught out by an ‘April Shower’ you can rely on being able to watch your favourite programmes.

So whether it’s making sure you don’t miss the final of ‘Sewing Bee’ or wanting to watch that new Drama series that is starting you will never be left out in the cold!    

Visit our website or give us a call on 01428 404401 and we will help with your ‘Spring Clean TV watching preparations’.

Other useful hints for must do jobs when you want to start using for caravan or motor home after the winter

Banish any lingering smells if your vehicle has been shut up and stored over the winter – there are lots of products that will help with this. I recommend natural, non-chemical if possible e.g. essential oils can clean and refresh.

Check for any mould or dampness which might simply be caused by condensation and will be cured by a good airing.

Use a silicone spray once a year on blind tracks, doors and hinges.

Wash the exterior and don’t forget to get up there and clean the ‘roof’

Check all the rubbers around your vehicle – every window, the main door, toilet seal and of course the tyres!

Clean stabiliser pads

Check and clean all locks – good old WD40

Finally, make sure that your satellite kit is in good working order, do you need to replace any parts or is it even time to upgrade?