The fact is that patches of mould and mildew are common and form quickly on an organic host surface where warmth and high levels of moisture are present; like a loaf of bread, window sills or bathroom wall. However, the good news is that you can stop mould and mildew in its tracks by taking appropriate

By doing your best to eliminate moisture from inside your caravan, growth can be reduced or eliminated. The basic advice is to ensure that you keep all surfaces clean and dry, wipe up any spillages immediately, and check around the caravan regularly for any signs of leaks, damage and condensation.

In addition, keep areas of high humidity well-ventilated, and consider using good quality moisture control products which quickly and effectively remove water vapour from the air before mould and mildew can even take hold.

So, don’t despair. As long as you are well-informed and suitably prepared, those pesky house guests mould and mildew will soon be a thing of the past!