The ideal situation is to prevent mould and mildew forming in your caravan the first place, so have a look at our top ten tips below to help you take appropriate action:

  1. Regularly clean and vacuum your caravan, ensuring that all surfaces remain clean and dry. Wipe down surfaces with disinfectant to banish any bacteria that might be present
  2. Open up your caravan regularly, particularly during periods of inactivity
  3. Give your caravan a good spring clean – inside and out – before the season starts
  4. Reduce humidity and open windows in the bathroom and kitchen – particularly after showering or cooking
  5. Check regularly for signs of any leaks or damage to the caravan which could potentially create a breeding ground for fungus
  6. Don’t forget to check inside cabinets (kitchen and bathroom) and wardrobes, drawers, etc. Clean them as appropriate
  7. Clean up spills immediately, and wipe away condensation. Do not allow water to pool or stand
  8. Replace any wet material that cannot be thoroughly dried – i.e., soft furnishings, curtains
  9. Remember to wipe down your caravan fully after your break is over
  10. Use good quality moisture control products in areas of high humidity in order to trap droplets of water and help keep condensation under control




There are a wide range of affordable solutions to help with all aspects of de-humidifying caravans. You can be sure that there is a moisture control product for every part of your caravan, from standard moisture traps for window sills and hanging de-humidifiers for wardrobes, to specially developed mini moisture traps for smaller rooms like the bathroom.

While it can be time consuming to keep on top of mould and mildew before it has chance to form, just remember that by taking the appropriate precautions you can not only help to preserve your family’s health, but you will also help to prolong the life of your beloved caravan.