Health hazards as a result of exposure to mould and mildew:

  1. Allergic reactions – as mould and mildew spores are inhaled, allergic reactions can occur. Nasal passages and mucus membranes can become swollen, leading to sneezing, runny nose, itchy/watery eyes and coughing
  2. Asthma and complications – the inhalation of mould and mildew spores can cause bronchial spasms in the lungs leading to wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and asthma attacks
  3. Immune system – people with weakened immune systems can develop infections as a result of exposure to mould and mildew. These infections usually begin in the lungs as a result of breathing in toxic air
  4. Neurological effects – prolonged exposure to mould and mildew toxins can cause memory loss, chronic fatigue, migraines and mood swings
  5. Skin problems – the circulation of mould and mildew can cause hives, skin rashes and eczema. Prolonged exposure can lead to bacterial and viral infections



The best advice is to take preventative action and keep a regular check on susceptible areas of your caravan; particularly the bathroom and kitchen areas. Here at Caravan Talk we have some great articles on the prevention and removal of mould and mildew. It is also well worth purchasing moisture control products for areas of high humidity to trap moisture before it can settle and become a breeding ground for the unsightly fungi.

From standard moisture traps for window sills to specially developed mini moisture traps for smaller rooms like the bathroom, Kontrol has a wide range of affordable solutions to help with all aspects of de-humidifying caravans.

Looking after the health of your family is extremely important, so get clued up on mould and mildew to ensure that it never has the opportunity to take hold.