Measuring an awning

A diagram displaying the best way to measure an awning

To measure for an awning make sure that your caravan is on even ground as this will help you to take accurate measurements.

First, thread a piece of string through your caravan’s awning channel making sure that it touches the ground at both ends. If you are doing this on your own and there is a bit of slack in the string, put a weight on one end (a lump of putty works well).

Mark on the string where it meets the ground at both ends then remove it from the channel and measure from point to point in centimetres. This is size of the awning you need.

Next, you’ll need to choose which depth of awning best suits you. Our members recommend visiting a showroom and walking around and inside some awnings to give you an idea of which one is right for you.

Awning carpets or groundsheets also add to your accommodation and provide useful protection for you and your pitch. However, awning carpets and groundsheets do not allow the grass underneath to breathe, so it’s a good practice to lift them when they are not in use.