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LPG Cylinder monitoring with Clesse CompacTi

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Have you ever had the frustration of running out of gas when you least expect it while in your holiday home? Fed up of physically checking and shaking cylinders to see if there is any gas left? Caravan owners, and park operators now have the option to monitor their own LPG cylinders from the comfort of the holiday home with the new Clesse CompacTi device and mobile app. Your site manager could even look after this for you while you are away.

How does CompacTi work?

With unique gas optimisation built into every device, the app will alert when the usable contents of LPG cylinders have been exhausted, to be sure you are getting more gas than ever from your cylinders. By just looking at the red flag in the window, doesn’t always mean the cylinder is entirely empty, whereby, using the CompacTi app helps confirm the optimum point to get it replaced.

Take a look at the link in the picture below to see how you can be on the road to convenience and saving with CompacTi electronic device and app.

What are the benefits of using CompacTi?

Download the app, and when setup and registered for free, you can;

  • Personalise the device with the property name/plot number, address and installation characteristics, how many cylinders etc…
  • Monitor via Bluetooth on the mobile app from anywhere within 100mtrs of the CompacTi device
  • The reading on the CompacTi app will show the last device status using Bluetooth connection and the unique gas optimisation settings with the time it was read.
  • The app will even alert you via e-mail if you have not logged in for 5 days to check your cylinders.
  • There are also systems available to monitor devices by GSM mobile signal for when you are away from your holiday home. Great for the subletters, and those with thermostats to keep the place cosy.

See the video below with the systems unique gas optimisation in operation here with the icons you will see in the app

Clesse App

You can even order the Gas through the app.

Participating Gas suppliers or Park site owners can have the details of cylinder exchange requests sent directly to them when the Order Gas button is pressed within the app.

Further details available on the Clesse website, where end users or suppliers of gas can contact to register their interest

ORDER GAS Facility

Clesse - happy with gas cylinder
Clesse Cylinders

“Great product! We recently moved into our new residential park home and told that it was LPG. We were dreading going outside every day to check to see if we needed to change bottles. This product is perfect for telling us when our gas has run out from inside our home. The app connects really well from under our cover too. You can even order your gas from the app!”

Mrs Driver – Melton Mowbray

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Clesse user guide

Setup couldn’t be easier!

Full instructions are provided with every device, and within 5 minutes the CompacTi will be up and running and ready to monitor devices.

Full instructions can be viewed on the website, and the handy how to videos section are worth a watch to see how the system can work for you.

Instructions link

How to videos Link

Where to buy CompacTi?

You can check first if you already have a compatible CompacTR800 OPSO changeover, which have been on sale sine June 2020. You will need one of these for the installation to work.

Clesse changeover compatibility

Download or new consumer leaflet for more information and Retail Pricing.

Download the leaflet here.

If you are a holiday home owner, get in touch with your installer or Park manager, or contact Clesse on the details below.

If you are a site manager, please get in touch with your sales distributer and ask them for CompacTi

If in doubt, get in touch with us at the office and we can point you in the right direction.

Tel: 01905 842020


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