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Looking for caravan insurance? You've come to the right place. Information and advice from caravanners and caravan experts

We understand that caravan insurance is one of the most important parts of your caravanning life. However well you look after your caravan, you can’t always allow for the actions of others or the elements. Our Caravan Insurance section provides helpful articles, hints and tips, and advice for identifying peace-of-mind providing policies.

Insurance isn’t the only precaution to bear in mind of course; we also focus on other protective measures including caravan security and theft deterrents.

You can protect your caravan against theft or damage, both physically and financially, with the right caravan insurance and security products. We’ve provided lots of information on what to look for and make the right choices for you and your caravan.

Safety should be a key priority when you go caravanning with your family, but it can be easy to overlook key details.
Travelling abroad in your caravan can lead to great adventures, but don’t forget to check your insurance and prepare for the journey!
We’re currently looking to develop a guide for caravan insurance comparison tools and we need your help.
Does your insurance policy cover all your needs? We look at the details, from contents to cover.
Find out more, discuss and share your thoughts about caravan insurance on our forum.