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I would like to express my huge apprecation for not only the exposure my business gets on this hugely popular website but also the constant help and monitoring the staff at Caravan Talk carry out.  CaravanTalk hits directly into my target customer and without it, my business would not be as popular or as busy.

Paul Asserati - Owner of Tourershine.

The numbers*

With over 3,000,000 visits and 14,000,000 page views per year, Caravan Talk offers excellent return on your advertising investment. Of these visits, 73.11% arrive directly from search engines as a result of our massive caravan related content base of just over 693,000 posts.

We have big plans for 2013 and we’re working hard to ensure that our content and reputation continue to grow.

Our members and visitors

Our reputation amongst caravanners as the place to go to for sound advice is well established and one that we actively strive to maintain. The resultant 'demographic' that we attract to the site is highly selected and very relevant for caravan related products and services.

Focussed advertising

You'll see from the site that we keep advertising to a minimum in order to maintain our high quality content focus and to maximise the effectiveness of the advertising we do place.

Flexible options

Whilst we have a set rate card (details on request) we would much rather discuss your individual requirements and are always keen to discuss hosted content with or without a financial element.

For more information please contact our friendly advertising team on or call 01789 491965

* Based on stats taken on 15th January 2013

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