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Fleetwood Colchester 500eb

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Posted 07 August 2011 - 04:46 pm

Thought I'd post on a series of events that has taken since Easter to remedy.

For the first time this year we went seasonal pitch and we have had more time away this year since buying the van in 2005.

On the way to the site approximately 50miles way the wheel bearing chewed out. Thankfully we got to the site. On removing the wheel and hub cover it was apparent the bearing had made a bid for freedom by sheering into hundreds of little bits. The hub nit came off no problem but then the fun began. The drum would not budge. No amount of hammering or swearing would move it. We had it glowing red hot with a gas torch and even tried the old engineers trick of running a bead of weld around the race but even this had no effect. Heavy duty hydraulic pullers even had no effect.

The final course of action was to break out the angle grinder and sacrifice the drum! Two deep cuts to each side and a steel wedge and the drum broke in two leaving the bearing races firmly stuck to the stub axle. Now being able to see the full extent of the damaged bearing it became apparent as to why it did move. The outer race was still in the drum and the ball bearings (what was left of them) where in the grass. The outer, inner race had fractured around its circumference and welded itself to the stub axle. The inner half turned freely but the outer bearing race was also stuck solid. Looking at it for the first time and seeing the damage I carefully so as not to damage the stub axle cut into the bearing race with the grinder again and slowly cut away the race. A while later and it was all off.

The stub axle was not damaged other than a tell tail ring where the bearing has sat. A rub down with the finest emery paper and a good oil up and it looked like new.

The replacement parts cost 228. Drum inclusive of bearings, hub nuts x 2 and brake shoes as a set. As the van was on its pitch its been sat without a wheel for a few weeks. The shoes went on no problem as did the drum all be it a bit tighter than I would of expected. The hub nut pulled the drum on until it sat tight. The hub nut was torqued to 290 and the wheel went back on. For the first time this season it sat on its own wheels.

Annoyingly I also changed the brake shoes on the other side and fitted a new hub nut. (shame as the shoes where new at the start of last season and had only seen about 400 mile use) but its the right thing to do. The drum on this side pulled off with nothing more than a gentle tap of the mallet and a good pull.

All this was done on pitch at weekends when we were down. We have very good neighbors and a fantastic site owner and thank you to every one who came out to offer advice, support, tools, PLASTERS! and most importantly Tea! Its fantastic how people rally round.

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