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Polyplastic Window Delamination Update

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 03:23 pm

Just finished an exhausting session, replying to nearly 3000 owners who have contacted us from the Caravan Club, this month alone….since July 2009 over 5,200 owners have registered with www.caravanandmotorhomewindowproblems.co.uk

Two major design faults are being highlighted, 1…. delamination/separation of inner and outer window layers accounting for just under 70%, affecting most manufacturers from 1997 to present.

2…. . Inner and outer window layers rubbing together causing internal marking, accounting for 30% of reports affecting some manufacturers from 2004 to present

Here is a list of manufacturers affected in order of the number of responses, the first five each have reports in the high hundreds……….



Owner responses range from:…. . no Dealer interest, even after using SOGA,
dealer denial that there is a problem,
dealers gone out of business,
to no replies to correspondence from the dutch manufacturing company or their UK agents.. (a number of dealers have told owners to contact Polyplastic and Miriad direct and state they have no liability)

One manufacturer Burstner, has introduced a 4 screw repair to hold their windows together, but the majority of owners are experiencing water ingress and distortion.

Again we have reports of owners on their 4th replacement due to window rubbing.

This is an interim report, based on initial owner responses, we are working on a standard form which will be sent to everyone, who has contacted us, requesting more detail and an emphasis on dealer replies.

Still a long way to go, but progress is being made……….thankyou to everyone who has commented on this subject, in the forum…. .we are always available for unbiased advice…….
Regards Andrew

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 04:36 pm

First posted 21 June 2010 - 09:27 PM

Just heard from a friend who was towing his Lunar caravan, behind a LR Discovery 3, and the centre window delaminated at speed and the outside panel was sucked down between the Discovery and the A frame, then shattered.

The inner panel was still secure to the front. On hearing this noise he pulled over and 'gaffer' taped the inner window solid.

The Lunar is 7 years old, Lunar (manufacture) did not want to know. A Lunar dealer got him a replacement within days and fitted it at a cost of £350 !!

Lunar did advise NOT to tow the caravan until it was repaired, as should the inner panel break/dislodge, the air travelling through the van could blow all the other windows out.

I have never heard of this before ???? Windows delaminating ???

Comments please.

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 04:56 pm

I've heard of it.

One thing, Ange, you talk about "manufacturers", but, for recent years at least, Ace and Abbey have actually just been Swift vans (with a different badge). Swift, Sterling and Sprite are all the same company. Compass and Elddiss are also the same company.

I wuold be interested how the order changed if it was actually listed by manufacturer, not just brand name.

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 07:54 pm

Hi.. ... ...this is a common problem with any caravan fitted with Polyplastic NL windows since 1998.. ... ... .with over 5000 reports this year and approx 100 new reports weekly, this is turning into a major problem for Polyplastic and their UK agents Miriad. The delamination accounts for over just under 70% of failures with the remainder for rubbing and internal marks.. ... ..neither are repairable and both are design faults which come under the sale of goods act.. ... ...for more details please check out www.caravanandmotorhomewindowproblems.co.uk regards Andrew

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Posted 07 September 2010 - 04:44 pm

Hi Andrew,. I have a 2008 avondale golden osprey, which I have just found that the front centre window is seperating, and this van is coming up to 3rys old. Which I'm not to happy about at nearly 3hundred to replace.
so I have got intouch the company in glossop to fined what they may do for me.
I also have miriad's managers email address but befor I email them I wait and see what glossop come up with, by the way if it was'nt for this forum I would not have known about the deminating problems.

manythanks Andrew

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Posted 07 September 2010 - 09:36 pm

The front centre window of my 2006 Series 5 Bailey Pageant Bordeaux is delaminating. We had noticed an increasing condensation effect in the window and were wondering what action could be taken to cure it. We had to take our van in last week to have its rear panel replaced as during the annual service, some cracks had been discovered in this panel. The service agent noted the large amount of condensation in the window and then showed us where it was delaminating. He also advised us that the windows were not covered under our warranty.
After a little research, I came across some of the problem reports on the web and contacted the Caravan Club. My details were noted and I was passed on to their legal help desk. As a result of that, I contacted my dealer, advised them of the problem and asked them to get back to me by the middle of this month (September) with a response to my problem.
The response arrived today:- 'Please find enclosed a copy of the warranty form for a new window as you can see it isn't covered under warranty. If you would like to order one as a chargeable item please contact myself xxxxxx.' Apart from the 'Dear Mr and Mrs xxxx' and the 'Yours sincerely,'
Company name with no signature, that was it!
The enclosure was a Polyplastic Warranty Claim Form that the dealer had filled in and sent to Miriad. At the bottom of the form is a highlighted section that says the window will not be covered under manufacturers warranty.
I think my next action is to send a formal letter quoting the 1979 Sale of Goods Act that requests replacement of my failing windows and requires an answer within 7 days from receipt of the letter. If you have any further advice on how to proceed, please add it to this forum.

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