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Skoda Yeti 1.4tsi 4X4 L&K 2015 review

Overall towcar rating


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Key information

  • Transmission: Manual
  • Year of manufacture: 2015
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Engine size: 1.4litres
  • Solo fuel economy: 36 miles per gallon
  • Towing fuel economy: 26 miles per gallon
  • Kerb weight: 1471 kg
  • Nose weight: 80 kg
  • Body type: SUV

Towcar summary

What's good?

Very refined and quiet car which is quite a sporty drive considering it's an SUV.

What's bad?

Small boot. Fuel consumption.

Would you recommend it?


Towing performance *****

How well does it tow?

Tows very well up to the legal limit. Very secure and without drama.

Solo performance *****

What's it like without the caravan?

Very nice car to drive and as ours is the L&K it have loads of kit including panoramic roof and heated front screen.

Reliability *****

Anything to look out for?

Rates highly for reliability our is so far faultless.

Practicality ****

Is it easy to live with?

Only drawback is the size of the boot.

Buying experience ****

Did you buy it new or used?


Where did you buy it?

Franchised dealer

What was the seller like?

Good puchasing experience.


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Aug 25 2016 06:37 am

I have the 2 ltr CDI 4x4 yeti ,which I am very pleased with. our mpg is 55mpg daily runs, and 32 towing.

I did find the towing mpg went up 7mpg when I did not use 6th gear