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Peugeot 508 SW Active 2011 review

Overall towcar rating


Key information

  • Transmission: Manual
  • Year of manufacture: 2011
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Engine size: 2000litres
  • Solo fuel economy: 55 miles per gallon
  • Towing fuel economy: 27 miles per gallon
  • Kerb weight: 1681 kg
  • Nose weight: 75 kg
  • Body type: Estate

Towcar summary

What's good?

Nice car to drive on motorways, comfortable, 1681 kerb weight but 1790 tow limit. spec is decent too

What's bad?

high gear ratio in manual. Rear seats are tight with 2 adults and child

Would you recommend it?


Towing performance ****

How well does it tow?

having towed the car from Scotland to Southampton with the car fully packed (circa 2000kg) the rear suspension drops quite easily so add a caravan at only 75kg nose weight drops cars even more. Car itself tows ok my 140bhp 2.0 struggles a bit on hills.

Solo performance ****

What's it like without the caravan?

generally a decent car and a deceptively good boot. You are able to fit more stuff in than you think.

Reliability ***

Anything to look out for?

nothing of interest

Practicality ****

Is it easy to live with?

Car is a capable day to day vehicle and with the odd towing of a 1616kg caravan so far seems to cope ok

Buying experience ***

Did you buy it new or used?


Where did you buy it?

Franchised dealer

What was the seller like?

the usual


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