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Nissan Murano Mk1 (Z50) 2005 review

Overall towcar rating


Key information

  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Year of manufacture: 2005
  • Fuel type: LPG
  • Engine size: 3.5 V6litres
  • Solo fuel economy: 22 miles per gallon
  • Towing fuel economy: 13 miles per gallon
  • Kerb weight: 1807 kg
  • Nose weight: 100 kg
  • Body type: SUV

Towcar summary

What's good?

this car is effortless, has great pulling power with or without caravan on the back, very comfortable loads of room inside

What's bad?

gearbox's can be troublesome if you don't maitain them, rare car so part's can be more than others,

if only they made a 7 seater version

Would you recommend it?


Towing performance *****

How well does it tow?

the onboard reverse camera is great for hooking up, the car pulls away just as smooth with a caravan hooked up

Solo performance *****

What's it like without the caravan?

very fast car for it's size handle's well with AWD system

Reliability *****

Anything to look out for?

if the car is around 100k you need to check the gearbox oil has been changed or change it

the caar is easy to convert to LPG and run's well, all figures are based on LPG

the car's suffer from bad drivers seat's, the back rest brakes replacement isn't cheap

Practicality *****

Is it easy to live with?

big fan of silly big engine's working with LPG 22 MPG is on a motorway run

Buying experience *****

Did you buy it new or used?


Where did you buy it?

Independent showroom

What was the seller like?

I got the car as a 1 owner car with 120k on the clock's, I fitted LPG within a week and been running it for 18 months since, fitted towbar on a few weeks ago after buying caravan easy to fit the bar once the original bolt holes were cleaned up


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I looked at one of these as I fancied a petrol V6 - only thing that stopped me buying one was the low towing limit at 1585kg - so ended up with a Lexus RX400h.

Jul 14 2016 08:55 pm

yes was a bit shocked by this when I looked into getting a caravan, I also have a C4 grand picasso that has a towing weight of 1500kg ish you would think a SUV would have a higher limit