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Mitsubishi Shogun 2015 review

Overall towcar rating


Key information

  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Year of manufacture: 2015
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Engine size: 3.2litres
  • Solo fuel economy: 24 miles per gallon
  • Towing fuel economy: 17 miles per gallon
  • Kerb weight: 2385 kg
  • Nose weight: 140 kg
  • Body type: 4x4

Towcar summary

What's good?

Well screwed together and Tonka Toy looks.
High driving position and excellent all round visability

What's bad?

It likes Diesel

Would you recommend it?


Towing performance *****

How well does it tow?

It is fantastic, I previously towed with a 2011 Honda CRV Diesel and the difference is like night and day. I sometimes forget I'm towing, it's that good. My caravan has a GVW of 2000 Kg but the Shogun can tow 3500 Kg so no dramas.
The Gross Train weight (GTW) of my combination is 5030 Kg so it's hardly surprising that fuel consumption is so high.
My outfit overall length is almost 13m, you need to be a confident tow'er before you consider getting something of this size.

Solo performance ****

What's it like without the caravan?

It makes a great family car, seats 7 and my greyhound. It cruises nicely at motorway speeds and is very comfortable over long distances (I've towed all the way to Spain and back).
If it has a weak point its refinement, it has a slightly agricultural feel to it when compared to more modern 4x4's but it is what it is (a proper off roader)

Reliability *****

Anything to look out for?

I've had it from new for 2 years with no problems.

Practicality *****

Is it easy to live with?

It is a very big car and some people (including my wife) may have problems parking it, especially in tight multi-stories but I hold a CE driving licence so I'm fine with it.

Buying experience *****

Did you buy it new or used?


Where did you buy it?

Franchised dealer

What was the seller like?

The dealer was a Honda & Mitsubishi Franchise and I got a good Part ex-deal on my CRV and a decent discount off the Shogun


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