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KIA Sorento XT Auto 2007 review

Overall towcar rating


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Key information

  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Year of manufacture: 2007
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Engine size: 2.5litres
  • Solo fuel economy: 32 miles per gallon
  • Towing fuel economy: 28 miles per gallon
  • Kerb weight: 2079 kg
  • Nose weight: 110 kg
  • Body type: 4x4

Towcar summary

What's good?

Virtually every thing. I have owned just about every main stream car at one time or another as a company Sales Manager and this still makes me smile every time I get in. Comfy effortless cruiser with all the space I need for 2 plus dog cage for 2 and awning, beach chairs etc.

What's bad?

Needs to be driven sedately around round abouts, to avoid rolling.

Would you recommend it?


Towing performance *****

How well does it tow?

Towing 1700kg and I hardly know its there. Set cruse at 62MPH and relax. Knock cruise out for long steep hills only. I find myself sailing by other outfits and trucks on inclines as they struggle up.

Solo performance ****

What's it like without the caravan?

Mainly used for trips to allotment and shopping so low 28-32 MPG and trips taken without caravan are made in wifes two seater.

Reliability *****

Anything to look out for?

Make sure you have had KIA check out rear axle corrosion situation. This is a known free of charge repair problem.Mine was found to be 100% OK

Practicality ****

Is it easy to live with?

Very it looks good, it parks easily and is a biggish load carrier when needed. I have had an after market 7" GPS/Media centre fitted and the seating is perfect for 5ft upto 6ft+ drivers.

Buying experience *****

Did you buy it new or used?


Where did you buy it?

Franchised dealer

What was the seller like?

Garage owners father was previous owner. well looked after FSH car


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Apr 29 2017 09:32 am

likewise, I have also a kia sorento 2003 auto  which returns similar mpg as stated by Zumerset snr,  I have no intentions of changing to another model  mainly because I cant think one any better, regarding underneath yes you need to made sure its in good condition regarding rust, when I service mine (every 6000 miles) I coat underneath with new Hypoy oil  better than underseal but must be new oil, the car flies through MOTs  the only thing I have bought is tyres,  apart from oil n filters,