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Honda CR-V SR 2014 review

Overall towcar rating


Key information

  • Transmission: Manual
  • Year of manufacture: 2014
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Engine size: 2.2litres
  • Solo fuel economy: 53 miles per gallon
  • Towing fuel economy: 29 miles per gallon
  • Kerb weight: 1800 kg
  • Nose weight: 100 kg
  • Body type: 4x4

Towcar summary

What's good?

Ease of access, boot space, visibility and safety features. 4x4 very useful on mud and wet grass when towing the caravan

What's bad?

The horn, it's pathetic!

Would you recommend it?


Towing performance *****

How well does it tow?

Excellent tow car with automatic trailer stability control. The reversing camera makes hitching up easy

Solo performance *****

What's it like without the caravan?

Lovely comfortable car to drive

Reliability *****

Anything to look out for?

Nothing to report at present

Practicality *****

Is it easy to live with?

Although a large car it's very easy to drive and parking sensors and reversing camera help with parking

Buying experience *****

Did you buy it new or used?


Where did you buy it?

Franchised dealer

What was the seller like?

Second CR-V purchased from this dealer and excellent service


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We also have a 2014 Honda CR-V 2.2 diesel SR manual and we think it is brilliant!


Just a couple of comments -

1.   Its not permanent 4WD, it is very clever and switches into 4WD when it needs to, we have noticed it engage a couple of times when it becomes rather more sure footed.

2.   Where does the kerb weight of 1800kg come from?  Our hand book says kerb weight is between 1653 and 1753 kg, don't know why it is such a big range!  (The automatic, which can only tow 1500kg has a kerb weight of 1712 to 1806kg).


Our only minor, complaint is that the rear suspension is rather soft.  With a 75kg noseweight and another 50kg in the boot the rear of the car goes down a good 50mm.  I keep contemplating MAD heavy duty springs but have read such mixed reviews that I haven't taken the plunge yet!

Yes the adaptive 4wd is very clever and I find it a boon when pulling away, especially with the caravan on the back, with no front wheel "scrabble" as with previous fwd cars. We were on a site last week and watched rwd and fwd cars being towed out by a tractor as they could not cope with the muddy grass. We had no problem, neither did my brother who also has a CR-V I agree with you regarding the confusion over the kerb weight. Practical Caravanning say 1828kg, and if my memory is correct a towcar website states a similar weight? My hand book shows the weight range you show above, so I have added a bit for tools, towbar and other ancillaries etc! I have no problem with the nose weight and mine is rated at 100kg. My previous CR-V was a 2013 SE and I found that the caravan was slightly nose down on that car, and wondered if it was the tow ball height? I have just changed to a heavier caravan, but this ( and previous van) is still level on the SR. However, the towbar on the SR is a different make and thus the the ball could be slightly higher?
Foghorn Leghorn
Nov 06 2015 09:10 pm

your mistaken about the noseweight limit , only the early CRV's   54 plate and older had a 60kg limit

All CRV's since 2005 have 100kg limit.


I previously towed a 1500kg Lunar and the noseweight was around 90kg and had absolutely no sagging issues on my 2014 CRV D-tec SR or my previous 2009 CRV es cdti  .

If your car is sagging perhaps your overloading the rear of your Honda

We put all our food and clothes etc in our CR-V when towing, but this is with the rear seats down. We ensure the weight is spread as evenly as possible in the back, with the heavier items in front of the rear wheels. However, even with this extra weight our car does not sag.
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Ditto Top Bass we do exactly the same with our loading.  I'm going to do some careful weighing and loading in the next few days and if the problem persists the car will be going back to be checked out by the dealer.

I'm sure that some months ago I read a towing review on the CRV that said the back went down a good 2 inches when hitched up, but I've searched everywhere and I can't find it again!!

Hope this doesn't sound condescending, but have you checked the nose weight of the caravan? I do not overload the front locker, and the only heavy items in it are the 2 x gas bottles which are the small calor ones. I did make a point of checking the gap between rear wheel arch and top of tyre and could not see any noticeable difference as I loaded the car. (Same with the SE) This was in stark contrast to previous estate cars I have previously towed with.
Yes, check noseweight often, normally run at 75 to 80kg.

Just for interest, I did some weighing and measuring this morning.


With no load, the centre of the tow ball is 435mm above the ground (I guess that's OK, its supposed to be 440mm)

With a 75kg noseweight, the centre of the ball is 415mm

With 75kg noseweight and 100kg in the boot, the centre of the ball is 400mm (I think 100kg is not unreasonable, we carry the spare wheel, hook up lead, tools, hitch and wheel locks, 2/3 bottles of water, most of the cocktail cabinet etc etc in the boot - with all the heavy stuff as far forward as possible).

With the above and one passenger it is 395mm


So, the car goes down 40mm.  I guess if I get in, it will go down another 5mm and if we put much more in the boot maybe another 5mm.  Thats a total of around 50mm and it looks a lot!


Last time we travelled we were very heavily laden.  I took the car and the caravan over a weighbridge seperately.  The caravan was at its mtplm of 1500kg.  The car weighed 2000kg, to this you have to add my weight and the noseweight, so the total weight of the car was around 2170kg, the max permitted is 2200kg!


So, I have proved to myself that the the back can easily go down 50mm, maybe more if fully laden.


So, I remain completely undecided about fitting heavy duty rear springs!


Anybody any thoughts?

Certainly felt the 2013 CRV EX was a lot softer on the back end than my previous 2007 ES.
I had Greyston spring assisters (rubber blocks in the coils) fitted on both, but the 2013 was still a little soft for my liking and the back end dipped too much even when noseweight and car loading were correct.
No such problems with the Kia Sorrento!
Our van has a low mtplm of 1265. However I don't think that makes a great difference to the nose weight if correctly loaded. Maybe it's the cocktail cabinet contents causing the problem and that abstinence from the demon drink is in order?!!!! Prior to the CR-V I towed with a 2011 Astra 2 litre diesel SRi estate and found that very soft on the rear end with the van hooked on, so can understand your concern regarding spring assisters but have no experience of them. However, I am sure they can only help with the van on the back, but not sure if the CR-V would seem hard when driving solo? No doubt others can advise?
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We owned 2 Honda CRV 2.2 Diesels for 8 years, I fitted Grayston spring assisters to the first car and when we bought the second transferred them. They give a level tow and were not noticeable when driving solo. They are rubber inserts that fit around the coil springs.
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I don't find the CRV to be that soft on the rear end to be honest. Our van when fully loaded weighs 1450KG, I keep the noseweight to about 90KG, the boot is literally jam packed and three of us in the car plus the dog.

It drops a little bit, but not as much as I was expecting.

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Thanks all for your comments.

Have just ordered Graystone spring assistors having read some very positive reviews, including penman's - thanks.


(Top Brass - unfortunately the cocktail cabinet has to travel in the car otherwise we would seriously exceed the mtplm!)

Bottoms up!
On a slightly different tack, is there any members who have had experience of towing the same caravan with the 2.2 diesel and the new 1.6 four wheel drive 160hp. I would like to hear some comments.
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No noticeable rear sagging but on two occasions recently our near side rear corner has emitted an intermittent howling/groaning noise. On one occasion we were quite heavily laden, on the other it was on the extremely undulating road between Scarborough and Whitby. Honda garage has checked everything and no obvious explanation. No problem when not towing.

On a slightly different tack, is there any members who have had experience of towing the same caravan with the 2.2 diesel and the new 1.6 four wheel drive 160hp. I would like to hear some comments.


 I spoke to a guy this summer who was towing a twin axle with the new 1.6 and asked him about his thoughts ,to which he said he was more than pleased and it tows better than his old 2.2 crv. I was surprised but would also like to hear how others find them.The crv suits me down to the ground with the exception of a almost inaudible weak horn.

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I spoke to a guy this summer who was towing a twin axle with the new 1.6 and asked him about his thoughts ,to which he said he was more than pleased and it tows better than his old 2.2 crv. I was surprised but would also like to hear how others find them.The crv suits me down to the ground with the exception of a almost inaudible weak horn.


So pleased with the 2.2 CRV that I would have automatically moved on to it's successor if doubts hadn't been raised with regard to the towing ability of the new 1.6 version. Would be very interested in any experience that could be shared regarding the comparative towing performance of these two cars


We've got the 1.6 auto.

Tow a Lunar Ultima 470 with weight upgrade to 1350. Usually tow around 1265 and noseweight around 80. Only towed twice so far and due to other circumstances won't be towing again until next May.

Opinions so far are that it tows well, stable with little sag. Turn econ and stop/start off when towing. Pleased with mpg as on motorway with cruise set to 50, dual carriageway and single carriageway achieved 32+. Another tow, similar roads, but not using cruise achieved 34+.

Been told by others who have the 1.6 that it gets better once you pass the 10k mark.

Sorry can't be any more help.


We've recently changed to a 2007 CRV and we love it. It's not as big in the boot department as our previous car, but the way it handles and the extra power certainly made for a much more relaxing (less looking at temp and down changing) towing experience.


We average 31mpg towing at a steady 60, sometimes using cruise control.


Has anyone had their CRV 2.2 remapped?

Nov 14 2016 03:48 pm

We recently bought a C RV 1.6 160 manual to replace an Antara as our tow car.

As a tug it gives no cause for concern although it is not quite as stable as the Vauxhall, but then it does weigh about 250kg less. In terms of performance it is far stronger than the Antara despite being 600cc smaller in displacement. We tow a Pegasus at just under 1500kg with approximately 85kg noseweight.


The car has only travelled 5000 miles so far but the engine is loosening up nicely. Due to delays in delivery we ended up towing less than a week after picking it up. The difference in performance and economy between then and now is marked. On our last trip to the dales we got 26 towing at or just under the limit. Solo we get 45 or so, but that does include a lot of city centre driving.  


From a practicality point of view we are very pleased with the car. The boot is much bigger than our previous towcars and the rear seat folding mechanism is genius. The ride (on 18 inch wheels) is very comfortable without the car being soft and wallowy and the seats fit different sizes well.


As for the horn, it sounds like it belongs on a c50 moped. I have a low note horn from a 2004 model Accord which is a straight swap and improves things markedly. A YouTube  video from College Hills Honda shows how to make the swap.

What! You don't like the mouse squeak horn!
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Nov 14 2016 04:52 pm

Er, no.


I was too embarrassed to ever use it. My wife says that it sounded like a "happy" noise, so I guess it's not all bad.

I've just picked up a160bhp still running in had the2.2 brilliant car
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