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Sprite Freestyle S4FB 2016 review

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Overall caravan rating


Key information

  • Year of manufacture: 2016
  • Berth: 4
  • Single or twin axle: Single axle
  • Type: Touring
  • MIRO (Mass In Running Order): 1200 kg

  • MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass): 1350 kg

  • Length: 6.93 m
  • Width: 2.23 m
  • Shower? Yes
  • Toilet? Yes

Caravan summary

What's good?

SMART no wood build. Extras fitted as dealer special.

What's bad?

Payload trimmed because of extras.

Would you recommend it?


Style & comfort *****

Do you like the way it looks?

Looks upmarket and not entry level

Is it comfortable?

Seating very comfortable and it has Duvalay memory foam mattress for a good nights sleep

Ease of towing *****

Is it easy to tow?

Yes ATC takes all the worry when passing, or being passed, by HGV's.

Reliability & water ingress *****

Anything to look out for?

Check all the fittings are secure. We found front blind loose when collecting van.

Practicality *****

Does it meet your holiday needs?

very definitely

Any modifications?


Buying experience *****

Did you buy it new or used?


Where did you buy it?

Franchised dealer

What was the seller like?

salesman very accommodating. Not used service so cannot comment.


All opinions, facts and figures are those of the reviewer. Caravan Talk accepts no responsibility for accuracy of the content.


Recently purchased a 2016 Swift Freestyle S4FB, a Lowdhams special based on the Sprite Major 4FB. We looked at the Major but was not keen on upholstery & curtain colours. Went to Lowdhams and looked at Freestyle, collected info and went home to compare. The long and short of it is that the Freestyle offered so much more for less money. The Sprite base price + delivery, diamond pack, panoramic roof, ATC, alarm, wrap round cushion and 80w solar panel (all factory fitted) came to £18065. The Freestyle at £17975 included all these plus upgraded upholstery, omnivent, Challenger door with window and bin, higher powered solar panel (100w) and illuminate bathroom mirror. Now, I may not have purchased all of these factory fitted items had I have liked the Major but by comparison the Freestyle offered great value like for like! 

Love the SMART no wood build, like the three window front and can't find any faults (yet!).

We love the van and have had quite a few weekends away in it, can't wait to get a full week away.




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Nielsen Sussex
Apr 18 2016 02:07 pm

We also have a dealer special similar to yours and agree worth every penny with the extras. Hope you enjoy it

Had two dealer specials in the past, one based on a Swift Charisma the other on a Sterling Eccles Sport. Would have had another if my dealer still offered a full fat special.
Apr 18 2016 06:09 pm

You do have to watch out with Dealer Specials though.


Some dealerships try to sell them at a big premium to the standard model which isn't worth it just for a few non essential extras. Also it seems these days a lot of dealer specials are just the standard van with the normal extras pack that everybody buys wrapped up and called a 'something or other Plus'.

Our Avante is a dealer special, when we bought it, the extra's over the standard Avante were.


Different colour furnishings

Different decals

External barbecue point

External 240v socket

Awning warmer




Some dealer specials offer good value over the standard model, but not all.

we collected our lunar ultima 574 2016 dealer special last week. £3,080 worth of extras for £399 on the standard quasar price. things included - lots of extra led lighting, external bbq point, heavy duty corner steadies, black alloy wheels, remote alarm, extractor fan, upgraded oven, twenty items in all, excellent value. in our opinion the caravan is so much nicer than the standard quasar, can`t wait to go away in it at the weekend to try it out. this is our third lunar, lets hope its as good as the other two.

Apr 19 2016 07:30 am
The estimates of additional value are a touch disengenuous though as they tend not to count the value of what would've been there anyway on a standard van. As a for instance they put the full price of the 'heavier' steadies, rather than the difference in price between standard and heavy types. The same goes for all the substituted gear and what value can there be in a few slightly different decals and upholstery fabric?

Now fitting ATC or an Omnivent when the standard van doesn't have such items is definitely worth something, but chrome finished grab handles, instead of standard white doesn't make any difference to functionality.
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