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Bailey Pegasus GT65 Verona 2013 review

Overall caravan rating


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Key information

  • Year of manufacture: 2013
  • Berth: 4
  • Single or twin axle: Single axle
  • Type: Touring
  • MIRO (Mass In Running Order): 1290 kg

  • MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass): 1448 kg

  • Length: 7.378 m
  • Width: 2.230 m
  • Awning size: 1045 cm
  • Shower? Yes
  • Toilet? Yes

Caravan summary

What's good?

Internal layout, quality of fittings, clean lines, Michelin tyres, water and space heater, triple insulation, fly screens and blinds on all windows and door, external and internal locker space, spacious practical bathroon, excellent shower, tons of overhead storage, beautiful wood finish internals, three piece carpet set, "whale" touch screen control panel, ATC stabiliser.

What's bad?

Awning channel full of mastic preventing awning from being attached - had to spend two hours removing, nothing else at all.

Would you recommend it?


Style & comfort *****

Do you like the way it looks?

With the 'skylight' front window it has an imposing line and this has turned out to be far more than a gimmick. A quality appearance that we're delighted with.

Is it comfortable?

I sleep far better in the front double bed (so easy to make up with the slide out slat frame) than I do in my King size bed with mattress topper at home! The drawer unit with slide out table is perfect for us both to sit around for meals and the front shelf holds the TV perfectly.

Ease of towing ****

Is it easy to tow?

I have the 143 BHP turbo diesel SEAT Exeo ST and it's no problem even on the steepest hill, however, even with the ATC feature I don't find it to be as stable (snaking) as my old Sprite Major RL (circa 1982) with coiled spring stabiliser and Vauxhall Cavalier SRi.

Reliability & water ingress *****

Anything to look out for?

awning rail full of mastic.

Practicality *****

Does it meet your holiday needs?

Superbly, so much so that we're planning to take it on an extended six month tour of Spain this winter.

Any modifications?

More powerful Whale submersible pump (we both like daily showers), Go2 movers, Ventura Pacific 250 awning

Buying experience *****

Did you buy it new or used?


Where did you buy it?

Franchised dealer

What was the seller like?

Absolutely outstanding, really couldn't do enough to help. I'd most certainly recommend them.


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Kathy de Carteret
Aug 02 2013 02:00 pm
Re bailey Gt65 Verona We had a long nasty experience of our new GT65 Verona caravan, Bailey. 34 telephone calls later plus and emails did not sort out the problems and it now sits in France with faults. Lots of promises and apologies but we still have a new caravan which does not work and could be described as a danger on the roads. Apart from explosions at 3am in the morning there were numerous other faults Out of a 5 week honeymoon we had about 3/4 days when the caravan actually worked!
May 23 2014 07:22 am

Sadly I have to agree with Kathy de Carteret. We took delivery of our Verona in May 2013.


1.      The slide out occasional table had no means of being restrained. The Ladybailey salesman said they were all like that! One of their fitters found that a small wooden bracket with two magnets was missing and managed to fit one from another caravan.

2.      There is no LPG warning sticker. Minor omission but I believe should be there.

3.      The two outer curtain to the front window have been fitted upside down. The restraining loops are therefore at a different height and the thin colour strip on the loop is at the top rather than the bottom. Again minor but not checked.

4.      Far more worrying is that the nearside indicators do not work.  When first used the indicator on the dash flashes twice and stops. Power to the socket for the nearside indicator is cut until the ignition is switched off and back on again. This turned out to be pin1 and pin 8 touching and only happened when the plug was turned to the lock position.

5.     The veneer front to the fridge was loose and the retaining plastic ring around the doormat does not clip in.

6.     The heating and hot water failed, through the i-van system. It appears to have lost communication between the controller and the heaters, water and space. I contacted Whale who sent someone from Northern Ireland arrived 7.00pm one Sunday night. From the conversation it sounded as though this was a known problem by the speed with which they have reacted. They also had to come out again about a month later. Seems OK now.

7.     Fast setup crib sheet for the i-van system given to us by the dealer was completely wrong. It stated that the icons for the pump, top right and fan bottom left must be pressed. Top right looks like an egg timer and is in fact activating the timers  not the pump and the bottom left that looks like a fan is in fact the pump! He also incorrectly told us that the TV amp didn't have on on/off switch and told us how to adjust the aerial. Fine tuning done by the small winder! No some transmitters transmit in the vertical plane others in the horizontal

8.     One of the front windows leaks.

9.     Awning rail full of sealant.

9.     STABILITY. This is closest to the most unstable van I have ever towed. Normally you expect movement when passed by lorries and coaches but even the smallest of passing vehicles causes it to move and is felt through the car. Which incidentally is a Discovery 3 and towed our previous Elddis Avante like a dream.


All in all not very impressed with the quality of the despatched product or the predelivery checks by the dealers and can see us changing the van in the very near future. Just been in for first service and damp found.


This new van should have made us delighted but has made us extremely disappointed. ( sorry for the ramble! )


PS just heard from a friend that their front panel is "peeling" or



May 23 2014 08:24 am

. ... . and other thing while I'm wound up!


Who designed the fridge assembly? the fridge is designed to be able to take out the freezer compartment if more space is needed. Unfortunately the fridge door cannot be opened far enough because of the left hand cupboard.


There, I think that's all!

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Can anyone help. in my GT65 Verona the water pressure to the sink and shower are fine but there is only a trickle coming from the washroom basin tap and you can hear the pump when using this tap. Like others I had to clear the awning rail of mastic and have also had a problem with the wwood effect around the front window and skylight bulging, worse in winter conditions. I have avery good dealer Lee Davy, Maidstone who will deal with this problem when the van goes in for service. Otherwise my wife and I are delighted with the Verona having just returned from our second visit to France with this van with no problems apart from the above.

Have you checked the plastic pipework to the taps? Wonder if there is a kink in it somewhere?

hi everybody my name is k whittaker if you look on my page you will see what i have had to deal with bailey and dealers i think the caravans are poorly put together have had swifts before wish i had stuck with them