Blackshaw Moor Approach

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Nick guides us through two approaches to Blackshaw Moor Caravan Club Site.

The route is fairly straightforward, but the sign can be tricky to spot. It's also very close to the Camping and Caravanning Club's Blackshaw Moor site, so make sure you pick the club site you've chosen!

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Bobbie, a Caravan Talk member won a £100 Love2shop voucher, courtesy of Lifesure Group, by answering the following question:

What famous landmark does Nick pass on his way to the site?

You can see a selection of the entries in the comments below. If you didn't win this time keep an eye out for more competitions and prizes.

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  • Bobbie
    19 November 2012 22:07 Bobbie
    The roaches
  • cresswell84
    16 November 2012 09:58 cresswell84
    the roaches
  • SaraD
    16 November 2012 09:28 SaraD
    The Roaches
  • gmc15
    15 November 2012 09:50 gmc15
    The Roaches.
  • sunshine3
    15 November 2012 09:37 sunshine3
    The famous landmark is called The Roaches when Nick is travelling on the A53 from Buxton (from the North). The Roaches are a jaggered outlook of rocks.
  • Pierre19
    07 November 2012 09:35 Pierre19
    The famous landmark is .... The Roaches .....


  • Bid
    29 October 2012 20:10 Bid
    The Roaches
  • Paul_B
    29 October 2012 09:19 Paul_B
    Nick passes the Roaches
  • 25 October 2012 15:39 Bailey Oklahoma
    Nick passes the Roaches.

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