Winterise your caravan

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Meet Paul Aldred of Stowmarket Caravans to make sure you know what you need to do to have your caravan ready for a chilly winter!

A useful and comprehensive mini list for caravanners. An excellent recommendation for all caravan users as Paul gives a step-by-step guide for some topics people may not necessarily like doing, but are essential for solid caravan upkeep.

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  • morepower
    02 November 2011 09:26 morepower
    Batteries have a lower self discharge rate in winter NOT higher, so a battery would be more likely to need topping up in summer if not used for the same period of time than in winter.
  • ChrisG46
    01 November 2011 08:57 ChrisG46
    I'll give him a call and have a chat, to see what he says!
  • david 1220
    31 October 2011 21:49 david 1220
    Can someone tell Paul re battery's that some caravans have to have the battery left in the van for the alarm/tracker system,its then better to have two battery's -one on charge one in use .
    cheers david1220