When towing my new van I have noticed I get a lot of creaking noises .especially when I pull up to go round a roundabout or while moving slowly when entering exiting a site. My lunar never made a sound when running and in all honesty I am not happy with my new caravan. Had a fair few faults in 4 months of ownership. Get the impression it's the Friday afternoon van. Anyone know of what I can do to make it run like as quietly as a lunar caravan.


I would look at the hitch - are the pads totally clean and the tow ball free from paint rust & grease?


I'm getting the same thing with a Valencia, not sure what it is, so i'm leaving it till the service next February, I've done caravaning until next April.

I do know its not the tow bar, and i have cleaned the pads on the hitch, but as you say towing at slow speed on site with the window down its squeaking away, even with the hitch lever lifted up, and I've checked the hitch head is well greased.


Check the bolts on the tow hitch and all of the linkage points on the brake rods to ensure that they are lubricated.

Also the long brake rod can rest on a retainer (metal to metal) as it goes further under the van - a little grease on this would not go a miss.


Hitch is fine as I never had a noise from the lunar .have noticed this with a lot of pageants and senators lately when they have been driving past my pitch so I know this is not an isolated incident with just me.


It will almost certainly be the infernal tow hitch and the friction pads.

The creaking noises made by these is such a common cause of concern for members of CT where some of them even remove the friction pads and clean them every single time they tow their van (even for a short journey) !!

You don't seem to hear of this kind of thing happening with the Winterhoff hitches, unless of course I am wrong?

As for your caravan being built on a Friday afternoon Slimseydy, yours is not the only one................


Spray the pads and tow ball with brake cleaner, and check all tow bar mounting points.


This is generally caused by a dirty towball contaminating the ALKO friction pads. The ball and pads can be cleaned using using an alcohol based cleaner and if necessary careful use of some emery paper. If that doesn't fix it you may have to replace the friction pads.

To prevent it happening in the future always clean the tow ball and pads before hitching up.



Yes Winterhoff do suffer with it, especially with new pads


You don't need to remove the pads to clean them. I generally do it every time I hitch up it takes all of 2 mins to clean both the tow ball and pads!



What do you clean them with ?


Brake cleaner...


Cheers will pop to halfords today


Original post: October 2011

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  • Mikeyj1
    28 August 2014 09:57 Mikeyj1
    Creaking noises: If you have a tow ball that still has black paint on it remove it ALL with sandpaper. If you hitched and ran it like this, then you will need to sand the pads a little and clean all dust off with brake cleaner or meth spirit.
  • Beachboy
    09 July 2014 19:36 Beachboy
    Just changed my car from a Volvo V70 to a Sorrento. The van is now snaking at any speed over 50 and just feels wrong at lower speeds. Recently the ATC slapped the brakes on at just over 60 after overtaking a lorry, scared the wits out of me and management. Checked the tyre pressures, the friction pads, the noseweight. Is there something I've missed or is it just the car?
  • Jasper2Jock
    11 August 2013 18:56 Jasper2Jock
    Can anyone advise re my recently snaking caravan! Been towing for about five years, can't figure this one out. I recently changed towing car from freelander 2009 to freelander 2013, not sure how relevant that is, I cannot seem to get or keep proper control at anything above 56 mph. I have tried turning off the independent braking function, no difference. I do have a suspicion about the quality of the factory fitted towball, but not sure what difference this would make, any ideas?? Getting a bit scary, snaking to "ten to two" on a busy m25 was not fun, help!!!!
  • Crozzy
    28 July 2013 16:07 Crozzy
    I have only had my van for a couple of months and I have noticed it tends to bounce a bit more than usual.when I go over a bump. I have just returned from a short weekend away and all the way back it sqeaked,
    I was turning round a corner which was a bit bumpy and there was a loud bang that came from the hitch then the sqeaking stopped.cant figure it out

  • sandcastle
    15 June 2013 07:12 sandcastle
    I had terrible creaking towing my Valencia with my Sorento. Turned out to be the tow bar touching the car chassis. Had it readjusted now it,s perfect.Bliss at last.